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De - Feathering 

Plucking Machine

JF Equipment’s plucking machines are arguably the best money can buy considering the engineering expertise and experience used to develop this particular machine. Although the product is built from the robust quality materials JF Equipment’s machinery has become known for the fact that their machines can be adjusted to the specific conformation of a chicken. JF Equipment’s chicken pluckers make the art of removing feathers from poultry a simple and easy process thanks to years of industry knowledge and experience. JF Equipment offer plucking machines starting from 9 Disc Pluckers, all the way to 22 Disc Pluckers.


JF Equipment manufacture air jet scalders that offer an effective, maintenance free operation as they doesn’t require any nozzles. Efficient heat transfer solutions also help with the de-feathering process. JF Equipment’s heat exchanges process offer good violent air agitation which is needed for effective defeathering. Scalders come in different sizes depending on birds per minute. The scalders range from 2 metre 2 Pass to a 10 meter 6 Pass and everything in between.

Bleeding Trough

The bleeding process and bleeding trough design in poultry processing is quite specialised to the amount of time it takes. JF Equipment has mastered this process and machine development that is designed to specifically fit into the manufacturing process according to specific design and layout factors, as well as the speed of the line. At JF Equipment we go from 2 pass X 5m to 5 pass X 5m.

Plucking Fingers

JF Equipment’s bespoke plucking fingers understand which shore hardness is required for each part of the de-feathering process based on the type of bird and the processing requirements.

Bird Counter 

6/8 inches & 10 units

Hock Cutters

It cuts up to 200 bird per minute. Adjustable plate for short or long Hocks. At JFE we manufacture 90 Degree or 180 Degree . 

Foot Unloader

The ground-breaking, cutting edge , state of the art  Foot Unloader. JFE new design allows the foot Unloader to process any type of shackle to allow fewer complications on the lines, with a decrease of up to 98% of product forgotten on processing/overhead lines. Our Foot Unloader can process up to 160 feet per minute for 6/8 Inch. The Foot Unload is either manufactured at 90 Degree - Online or 180 Degree - Online. 

Feet skinner system

Scalder, feet skinner & 3m elevator conveyor with receiving bin & delivery chute and spiral chiller. Price exclude water pipe work from boiler to scalder & skinner.

Other De - Feathering equipment:

Head Pullers

Head Pumps

Spin chiller - 3m X 600mm 

Incline conveyor 

Shackle Washers

Temperature Control Panel

Head Recovery Grid 

Finger Puller 

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