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Food Processing Industry

Food Processing Industry


JF Equipment design bespoke conveyor systems tailor-made for your business. We have the capacity to solve intractable food processing problems and continue to lead the charge with cutting edge innovations that push the envelope in food processing equipment. We have engineered a highly efficient, automated conveyor system for the packing area in a food processing plant.​

  • Whole Bird Conveyor

  • Chicken Parts 

  • Fillet

  • Cut Up Conveyor

  • Double Decker Conveyor

  • Dairy Conveyor

  • Vegetable Conveyor 

  • Melon Sorter

  • Weighing Conveyors 

Red Meat

JF Equipment is able to create and manufacture an entire red meat packing room to ensure product streamlining and efficient packing solutions. Computerised box lines are installed to ensure products are organised into Fresh, Frozen and Export.

White Meat

JF Equipment have become specialists in the white meat industry processing everything from rabbits and turkey to guinea fowl and pigs.


JF Equipment use unique engineering talent to help build solutions that sort ,wash ,cut , weigh and pack a variety of different vegetables and fruits across the country and abroad. 


JF Equipment is been involved in bespoke butchery solutions for the likes of hamburgers patties, sausages and ribs to name a few. We have helped develop systems to sort, pack and handle the required production materials.


JF Equipment has recently played a significant role in the fishing industry of South Africa by providing local Fisheries with conveyor systems to sort and apportion fish along a bespoke packing line.


In recent years JF Equipment has been providing the Dairy industry with overhead lines and conveyors systems. We are renowned for our fast moving, space saving equipment and solutions.  


The Brewery industry in South Africa - and the world continues to grow a steady pace. JF Equipment has created and developed solutions to effective streamlining of production and packaging.  

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