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Receiving Bay


JF Equipment’s stunning process is incredibly specialised. JF Equipment has developed a stunner machine that controls the shape of the electrical wave form which is a pure sine wave (rising and falling wave motion) with alternating current.

Roller Conveyor Manufacturers

JF Equipment’s roller conveyors and conveyor tables are made from stainless steel and food grade synthetic materials. Additional to their roller conveyor manufacturing, JFE also offer value added solutions that include but are not limited belt lifters, underbelt sprays, belt cleaning systems etc.

Crate Washers

JF Equipment has developed an external crate washer system. The circulating system, which is visible throughout the process, is on the outside of the machine and disallows debris from passing through the system which eliminates the opportunity for bacteria and other related hygiene issues.


JF Equipment offers different de-stacker solutions and conveyor systems that are engineered to manage the de-stacking process with little human intervention thereby alleviating time concerns and potentially injury opportunities.

Other Receiving Bay Equipment