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Poultry Equipment

Poultry Equipment

JF Equipment offer turnkey solutions for food processing and poultry equipment up to and including planning, design, drawings, government specifications and approvals, industry expertise and effective solution based management processes.

Stainless Steel Manufacturers

JF Equipment’s machinery is manufactured from stainless steel and with the evolution of technology and food processing requirements, is now also building solutions for other food processing/handling industries including dairies, breweries, bottling plants, liquid and powder packaging, red meat processing and fruit and vegetable packing plants. In these industries, we build solutions that convey, cut, weigh, process, crush, fill and wash.

Poultry Abattoir

JF Equipment has established a reputation as chicken abattoir specialists and through their legacy, has extended their service offering to cover other food processing services from dairies to breweries and fruit and vegetable factories to bottling plants.

JF Equipment specialise in the manufacturing of primary processing equipment that cover all applications, systems and solutions required in any poultry abattoir. This includes receiving bays, stunning and bleeding machinery, scalding and plucking equipment, extensive evisceration systems (hock cutters, gizzard splitters and skinners, neck cutters) chilling facilities and a selection of packaging options.

Poultry Processing Equipment

With our years of knowledge and expertise gained in the design and development of chicken processing equipment, the company has also become experts in various other areas of food processing.

JF Equipment manufacture the best quality poultry processing equipment that offers cost effective solutions embodied in robust, easily maintained equipment. Their products have been developed and designed by industry engineering experts.

Abattoir Equipment

With the design and engineering knowledge and experience, JF Equipment manufacture abattoir equipment and machinery that has become renowned not only in South Africa but across the continent and around the world.